Monday, January 21, 2008

Deities, deities and more deities :)

Radha Manohar, Montreal...The deities overwhelmed me with Their size and beauty. They simply take your breath might recognise Krsna from the front of the Darshan book:)
Sri Nathji...the first deity I laid eyes on in the U.S...He's absolutely stunning
I haven't travelled to Hungary (yet), but this Radhe-Shyam is one of my favourite deities. Radharani has the most beautiful long eyelashes...the creativity of the devotees in Hungary is amazing
Radha Radhanath, from back home, in Durban...being away from Them has made me realise how special They are to me
Radha Kunjabihari, in Detroit...Krsna has the most enchanting tilt to His head...

And then there's Radha-Govinda in New york...I don't have the space to put Them up on this post...but They too were so beautiful and opulent.
Right now I'm doing the most travelling I've ever done in my's definitely an eye-opening amazing is it that in North America there are so many temples and so many deities being cared for with so much love and devotion? Its astonishing what Srila Prabhupada has done!


Swarup Das said...

Gorgeous pictures -- great devotional attitude -- a real pleasure and inspiration to look at and read your site.
Hare Krishna!
All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga

Madhavi said...

hari bol !! nice pictures.. but where is our beloved Radha Kscirachora Gopinath !!

Syamesvari said...

lol..thats my next post coz its been such a special experience!