Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Dauji's birthday!!

May Lord Balarama the master of Goloka the supreme controller of all controllers who is always glorified by pure kirtan, protect me. May Lord Balarama appearing as Ananta Sesa, who on His hand holds the earth as if it were a single mustard seed, protect me on the earth.
May Lord Balarama protect me when I am surrounded by many armies. May Lord Balarama, who holds a plow, always protect me in the battle. May Lord Balarama, who holds a club, always protect me in the fortress. O Sankarsana please protect me in the forest.
May Lord Balaram, who wears blue garments and who stopped the Yamuna always protect me in water. May Lord Balarama protect me in the wind. May Lord Balarama protect me inthe sky. May Lord Balarama who is Lord Ananta Himself, always protect me inthe great ocean.
May Lord Balarama, who is Vasudeva's son, protect me in the mountains. May Lord Balarama, who has a thousand hands, protect me in times of war. May Lord Balarama, Rohininandana, protect me from desires. May Lord Balarama,kamapala, who fulfils desires, protect me from catastrophes.
May Lord Balarama, Dhenukari, who killed the demon Dhenukasura, always protect me from lust. May Lord Balarama, who killed Dvivida, always protect me from anger. May Lord Balarama, who is the enemy of the Balvala, always protect me from greed. May Lord Balarama, Magadharrh, the enemy of Jarasandha, always protect me from illusion.
May Lord Balarama, Vrsni-Dhurya, best of the Vrsnis, always protect me at sunrise (6-8:30am). May Lord Balarama, Mathura-purandarah, the king of Mathura city, kindly protect me in the morning. May Lord Balarama,Gopa-sakha, the friends of the Gopas, always protect me at midday. May Lord Balarama, who is completely independent, always protect me in the afternoon.
May Lord Balarama, Phanindro, the king of serpents, always protect me at sunset. May Lord Balarama, who is greater then the greatest, always protect me in the evening. May Lord Balarama, whose power is invinsible,always protect me in the midnight. May Lord Balarama, always protect me at every sunrise.
May Lord Balarama, Revati pati, the husband of Revati, protect me from the four intermediate directions (NE,NW,SE,SW). May Lord Balarama, Pralambari,the enemy of the Pralamba, protect me from the four directions(N,S,E,W). MayLord Balarama, the best of the Yadavas, protect me from below, May Lord Balabhadra always protect me from above. May Lord Baladeva, protect me here and every where.
May Lord Balarama, Purusottama the Supreme Personality of Godhead, always protect me from within, may the supremely powerful Lord Balarama, Nagendra,who enjoys pastimes as the king of serpents, protect me from without. May Lord Balarama Lord Hari the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the supersoul residing in the everyone's heart always protect me.
Please know that the kavaca of Lord Balarama destroys the fears of the demigods and demons. It is a blazing fire that burns up a host of sins. It spells death to a host of obstacles. It is the adobe of spiritual perfection and spiritual strength.
~ Balabhadra Stotra Kavaca

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