Tuesday, September 15, 2009


As He takes care of the cows, Krishna jokes and plays with His friends. When He calls, the cows come. I pray that playful Krishna will enter my memory and make me tremble with love for Him.
When will Krishna and Balarama, holding hands, laughing, and joking, make my heart tremble with love?
“Rama! Krishna! Krishna-Rama! Krishna! Krishna! Krishna!” Here and there on the pathways of Goloka one may hear the people chanting these names as they come and go.
~ Gopala Champu


k.mala gutierrez said...

those tulsi ankle bells are fabulous! where did you get them?

Syamesvari said...

It's actually braiding from a fabric store in South Africa...definitely not made with tulasi in mind, but when I saw them I thought "hmmm..."