Thursday, July 17, 2008


There are kirtans that get my feet tapping, there are some that make me close my eyes and think of Krsna, and there are some that just take me to another place...not the spiritual world directly, but to a place where I was joyous, immersed in Krsna consciousness and inspired.
And that place is Sri Vrindavana Dham...and that kirtan is a kirtan lead by Ananta Govinda Prabhu at the 24 hour Kirtan at New Vrindavana.

Now I wasn't at the festival, but I came across some of the kirtans on They're all great, but the first kirtan listed, reminded me not of any particular kirtaneer in Vrindavana, but just of BEING at the temple in Vrindavana. The melody, the flute, the devotees chanting along...when I haerd it I felt like I was back at Krsna-Balarama mandir, I felt the heat, I smelt the incense and roses from the garlands, I could just see Radhe-Shyam, Gaura Nitai, I could hear the cows mooing in the distance, someone shouting 'Radhe!', I could hear the bell chiming the time, feel the cold marble beneath my feet, feel myself being shoved by the locals in their eagerness to take darshan...sigh...bliss.

Just thought I'd share...among those kirtans listed you're bound to find something that transports you...maybe not to Vrindavana, but somewhere special, that inspires you to think of Krsna.

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