Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's in a name?

So, I've decided a name change is in order...for two reasons:
1) Originality (Kripamoya prabhu's blog is called The Vaisnava Voice and while they are simultaneously similar and different, I think a change is needed :)
2) How pompous of me to call and consider myself a vaisnavi!

So those are my reasons. Although what I'm actually going to call my blog is beyond me...I chose A Vaisnavis Voice because it was meant to convey that this was my voice, my words, my opinions...Syamesvari's voice? Too boring!

Anyways...we'll see. Inspiration will come (I hope). I'm thinking too hard about it right now, so nothing meaningful is going to come to mind. I'm just going to put it aside and hopefully, no definitely, something authentically me will come to mind. For now, its going to be Syamesvari's Nameless Blog :)

On a different note, Rathayatra is in full swing in Canada. Last week Savyasacin and I made the trip down (or up - I'm still not completely clued up on Canadas geography) to Montreal for the festival. And in two days Lord Jagannath will have His festival here in Toronto.

Drama rehearsals are in full swing. We were meant to do the Gita, but a number of devotees had to drop out, so Maharaja has opted to do 'Vamana'. We were meant to have a full week of rehearsals, but Monday was spent reassessing the situation, on Tuesday Maharaja was with the Bus Tour for a performance they put on in Ottawa and last night was our first night of REAL rehearsing.
Maharaja has switched alot of the roles around, allocating Them to different actors "for fun" (his words). And while fun is not the first word that comes to mind, it definitely makes things interesting and a little difficult...I played Diti and now I'm playing Aditi, and I have two days to get it down. Fun? Again, not the word thats coming to mind...but still, I think it'll be okay. More than okay. There's one thing I have faith in and that's Maharaja's ability to get this done - and it'll be a rip-roaring success (isn't it always?). Maharaja has such a sincere desire for this to be a success and he has such a great ability to make actors out of us, that it should be a piece of cake.

But let me not get ahead of myself.
Ok that's all for now...I'll write back and let you know just how much fun we all had after Rathayatra.


Anonymous said...

Syami!! Come back to Durbs and do dramas...miss you

Anonymous said...

ps. i think i need to get in on all this blogging action:) love the blog i know what u're up to without having to call or email all the time...all glories to the internet..hehe