Sunday, September 28, 2008

Keeping me connected - correction

I've just realised that the link I posted up doesn't quite work, so here's an easier way of getting to it :
It's under the audio section of Iskcon Desire tree (which you can find a link to on the side); Bhajans and Kirtans - Western; Daily temple program; Daily temple program by Lokanath Swami at Krishna Balaram Mandir. Enjoy!!
I love it for three different reasons
1. Its my favourite song - Vibhavari Sesa
2. It's Lokanath Swami (need I say more)
3. It's always great to hear a kirtan that glorifies Krsna-Balarama when They're right infront of
4. And it just makes me feel like I'm right there at mangal arati in Vrindavana again - it comes complete with conch shells and devotees glorifying the Lord as the curtains open.
Yes, I know that's 4 correction: I love it for four different reasons :)

At this time of year though, its bitter sweet. So many friends and devotees are getting ready to go to Vrindavana for Kartik, and this is my 3rd year with no Vrindavan, and my 5th with no Kartik in Vrindavana. Sigh.
It's time I worked on that, I reckon. I feel the need for a spiritual recharge that only Vrindavana can offer. From now on, I'm going to take extra special care of my Tulasi Devi's and pray super, extra hard that she allows my husband and I back into Vrindavana.
"Vrindavana is completely under Vrnda-devi's grace. Without the mercy of Vrnda-devi, it is not possible to enter into the confidential pastimes of Radha and Krishna, not even as a listener in an audience. By the mercy of Vrnda-devi even the impossible can become possible. Even being allowed to enter Sri Vraja Mandala indicates that one has received the grace of Vrnda-devi"
Appreciating Sri Vrindavana Dhama
Nonetheless, I am looking forward to Kartik. It is such a sweet time of year, no matter where in the world you might be. But until that time comes when I can be back in Vrindavana, Lokanath Swamis' kirtan is keeping me connected:)

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these are such beautiful deities. haribol!!!