Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A full moon night...

Traditionally, on the first day of Kartik all the deities of Vrindavana are dressed in white. Not just the deities at Krsna-Balarama Mandir, but throughout Vrindavana - Radha Ramanji, Radha Gopinath, Banke Bihariji...

I have heard Deena Bandhu prabhu say that this is because it is a full moon night, and when Radha, Krsna and the gopis dress in white, it allows Them to move through Vrindavana, to the site of Their rasa dance, undetected by their husbands and elders.
I thought it might be nice to follow that tradition - even though I am thousand of miles away from Vraja:) So tonight, should Dauji and His younger brother wish to steal away for some night-time pastimes, it is less likely that They will be caught by Jatila or Kutila, or any of the others who would give Radha and Krsna a hard time :)
Kartik is my favourite time of the year - for many devotees, I imagine it is the same. Krsna seems so much more accessible, and we're all inspired to take advantage of that. Usually devotees make some kind of vrata - a special endeavour to increase their devotion.
Kartik has officially started and I'm still fumbling around for a meaningful, devotion-altering vrata. I feel a little out-of-sorts, being in the middle of my year-end exams (psychology and business management constantly swimming around in my head) where simply maintaining my current not-high-enough standard of devotion is a bit of a struggle.
Nonetheless, Kartik does only come around once a year. I have heard my Guru Maharaja and others refer to Kartik as a sale - a devotional sale, with Krsna's mercy as the goods. And unfortunately, or fortunately in this case, I am not one to overlook a sale of any kind :)
Hopefully, by the end of the night I will be a little more decisive about this vrata, and participate in and take full advantage of this once-a-year mega sale!


Devadeva Mirel said...

nice...bringing it home to the matajis with a little shopping analogy. good luck and keep us posted about your kartik realizations.

my biggest realization so far is that i need to not see my children as my greatest impediment to my devotional service...they are my service.

and please keep posting photos of your beautiful deities!

Unknown said...

Hari Hari! All glories to the holy month of Kartik....thank you so much for writing that tidbit about how all the deities in Vrndavana are dressed in white on the first day of Kartik and for the explanation behind it...I never knew that....and what's really cool is for some reason I was really inspired to dress Radha Damodara in white today and then afterwards I read what you wrote and I was like "AHHHH" Apparently they have plans tonight...LOL....BTW, Krsna and Dauji look wonderful.

Syamesvari said...

Krsna always makes a plan:) I can imagine how stunning Radha Damodar must have looked last night! Post some pics!!

Unknown said...

LOL! Yah you can't believe how surprised I was...but I guess Radha Damodara knew! ;)