Monday, December 8, 2008

Hair, Glorious Hair

For the longest time (over 5 years now) I have wanted nice hair for our deities. Not the stiff, scratchy kind I always found in Loi Bazaar, but soft, curling locks of hair. So I'm super-happy that I finally found some nice hair that I was able to make into wigs for Krsna and Balarama.

"He has long, curling hair and He is anointed with many fragrant scents. His handsome crown is decorated with many different flowers. His handsome forehead is splendidly decorated with tilaka markings and curling locks of hair. The playful movements of His raised, dark eyebrows enchant the hearts of the gopis."

So I'm really glad that Dauji Kanaiyalal finally look like the young, sweet cowherd boys that They are:)


Vijay Teli said...

Dayji Kanyalal look so cute in thier new hair. How did you make the wigs? I've made a wig for my Govindaji out of synthetic hair extenstions secuued together with some ribbon to make a topknot that held everything together. However I've found the homemade wig hasn't held up as well as the ones made in India. I've also heard about people ordering custom wigs online form places that make doll wigs.

Bhakti lata said...

hey I'm also looking for nice wigs for my parent's deities of Radha and Krishna... where did you get your wigs? Is it real hair, doll wigs, etc.? Let me know at I totally agree with you about the wigs in Loi Bazaar - more like SOS pads than hair for Krisna!

Syamesvari said...

This is a synthetic hair piece, sewn onto stretchy fabric and held together on a hair clip with an elastic cord. I cut it in half, because it was too bulky, and tied it up with the cord. Voila! So it kept its round shape, and because it was elasticated, fits on Their heads perfectly.
I tried getting Them wigs from places that made porcelain doll accessories, but didn't have much luck.

rad said...

Hare Krsna!!

Pl accept my humble obeisances!!!

Thank you for the hair advice..

i found ur blog while goin thru vijay teli prabhu's "arcanam".


i dream of having deities like Them sum day..R They 4m Vrndavan?

Thank you!!