Thursday, December 18, 2008

A little piece of heaven

This weekend we moved from Kitchener to Milton. We're now closer to the Brampton and Toronto temples.
Half our lives are unpacked in our new house while the other half lies unboxed in the old one.
I never want to move again. Not because it's exhausting (which it most definitely was), but because I think we may have moved to a small piece of heaven on earth.

Milton lies on the Halton Watershed, of which the Niagara Escarpment is the dominant landform. It is an oasis of unspoiled widerness and open green space - perfect for living a Krsna conscious life. Thousands of hectares of conservation lands protect the wild beauty of the watershed, including Kelso, Hilton Falls and Rattlesnake point which are all a 5 - 10 minute drive away. Its the perfect place to just be outside.

We're closer to Toronto, without being in the city itself - 'wilderness without remoteness'.

So while the first half of the move was tiring, it was definitely worth it, because we're surrounded by:
postboxes that look like this:
orchards and farms,
lots of horses,
and waterfalls.So really, I have no complaints.
I'm grateful that Krsna has been so kind to my husband and I and given us this opportunity to be closer to nature and live the kind of life we want to.
Thank You Krsna :)

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Anuradha Keshavi said...

Beautiful! Heaven on earth indeed.... lucky you!