Thursday, March 19, 2009

A year ago today...

Marriage has exceeded my every expectation. Sure it's hard work at times, but so is anything of value that we attempt. It has been such a rewarding experience.
A big thank you to everyone who made it so special - for helping out, or just by being there.
To my mom, who has been a mom and a dad my whole life...a cooler mom does not exist! Everything I am, become or have is because of you. I hope and pray that I can be exactly the type of person and mother that you are.
To my Guru Maharaja, Bhakti Caitanya Swami, who gave me away and took part in the ceremony as my father, words cannot express my gratitude, love and appreciation. I am eternally grateful to be the disciple of such a wonderful, caring and compassionate spiritual master.
To Indradyumna Swami, who played a part in bringing us together, so many years ago with a garland :) At a wedding, you wrapped a garland around the couple's hands and bathed it with milk. You then said that the girl who caught this garland was guaranteed to marry a handsome, loving, wonderful, Krsna-conscious devotee. Thank you for throwing that garland to me :) I think it was a case of 'From your lips to Gods ears', because here I am married to that handsome, loving, wonderful devotee you promised - a devotee who inpsires me in my Krsna consciousness and pushes me to be a better devotee.
And finally to Bhaktimarga Swami, who supported and guided us from the very beginning. At our wedding you joked that you were 'concerned' that Savyasacin wouldn't find someone he wanted to be with and marry...I'm glad that you no longer have a need to be concerned :) You were hoping that things would work out between us from the first time we met before we even knew we wanted to be together! Your support and encouragement has been a lifeline in our marriage and in our spiritual lives.
And of course, a big thank You to Krsna...without Him, none of this would be a reality. I pray that we can both make You the absolute center of our lives, and that together we can make a difference in spreading Krsna consciousness.


RG said...

Happy anniversary, you two! Keep on smilin' as you always do =).


Syamesvari said...

thank you missy :D

Devadeva Mirel said...

congratulations and happy anniversary! you're wedding pics are gorgeous!

Syamesvari said...

Thank you deva :)

Manju said...

gorgeous couple